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Keeping up with things, especially complex things like “how Web3 is impacting my industry”, is difficult when you’re busy. So let Sporting Crypto do it for you.

We’re read by leaders at some of the biggest sports brands on the globe.

If you don’t work in sports, don’t sweat it.

Sporting Crypto is also read by leaders at some of the biggest tech, media, entertainment and Gaming companies in the world including Google, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Warner Bros., Mastercard, Square, LinkedIn, Pepsi, Meta, Adidas, EA Sports, Rockstar Games, FILA and more.

Don’t take our word for it…

Former FC Barcelona International Project Lead Lucy Mills:
Co-Founder of Bleacher Report
Sports Business Veteran Joe Favorito
One of the largest sports business media companies; Unofficial Partner
Former Director of Partnerships, Vancouver FC

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