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🎙️ S1. Ep. 8. LinksDAO: Changing Golf With Online Community Ft. Cooper Sherwin

🎙️ S1. Ep. 8. LinksDAO: Changing Golf With Online Community Ft. Cooper Sherwin

In Ep. 8 of Podcast I spoke to Cooper Sherwin, Co-Founder and Head of Community of LinksDAO.

In Ep. 8 of the Podcast I was lucky enough to speak to Cooper Sherwin, Co-Founder and Head of Community of LinksDAO.

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00:00 What are you focusing your energy on right now?
01:48 What is LinksDAO?
02:15 Timeline of buying a golf course...
05:43 Negative reactions to raising money
07:30 Execution & reaching goals
08:31 The USP & criticality of using Web3 & crypto for LinksDAO?
09:48 Community in the back, business in the front: Why has this structure been so successful?
11:23 Operationally as a DAO, what challenges were surprising?
12:38 Execution of buying a golf course
18:31 First reaction to the newly purchased golf course
19:28 Mechanics: NFTs, community, on-chain & voting
22:17 Community decisions
24:05 Why have there not been more success stories from DAOs?
26:51 What is the end goal for LinksDAO?
28:32 Reconciling a business with a Web3 native community
29:53 Building a strong brand within golf vs Web3
30:52 Balancing a sustainable business & upside in growth
32:23 What would you do differently starting LinksDAO again?
35:40 What are you excited about more broadly in sports & Web3?
36:50 Advice to sports organisations entering Web3 & investing in community
37:55 What excites you outside of sport?
38:38 How is the sports landscape changing?
40:48 On-chain network & independence
43:33 Roadmap for LinksDAO over the next year?


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