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🎙️ S1. Ep. 9: Web3 at Manchester United Football Club Ft. Ronan Joyce
🎙️ S1. Ep. 9: Web3 at Manchester United Football Club Ft. Ronan Joyce
In Ep. 9 of the Podcast we were joined by Ronan Joyce, Director of Digital Innovation at Manchester United.

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In Ep. 9 of the Podcast I was lucky enough to speak to Ronan Joyce, Director of Digital Innovation at Manchester United.

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00:00 Introduction

09:10 Manchester United Web3 activity

10:26 First digital collectible launch: The Key

13:28 Freemium models

17:39 Managing, developing & growing a Discord community

23:51 Main learnings from the initial launch

26:52 Collect United

33:28 Running Web3 at Manchester United

34:54 Has there been pushback from fans?

36:21 Utilising fan feedback for improvement

38:59 The future of Manchester United's Web3 strategy

41:11 How do these Web3 projects impact fandom as a whole for Manchester United?

47:19 Enhancing the fan experience through Web3

52:55 Tech cycles & direction of travel


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