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S1. Ep 4. Democratising Sports Team Ownership Ft. Flex Chapman, Krause House
S1. Ep 4. Democratising Sports Team Ownership Ft. Flex Chapman, Krause House
Flex Chapman is co-founder of Krause House, an online community who want to be on the cap table of an NBA team.

Should sports team ownership be democratised?

Krause House thinks so.

In Episode 4 of the Sporting Crypto Podcast, I had the pleasure of being joined by Flex Chapman, Co-Founder of Krause House - who are trying to get their DAO on the cap table of an NBA team.

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01:53 What is a DAO?
05:11 How do you buy an NBA team?
13:34 Investing capital the right way
25:12 Owning and operating an NBA team as a DAO
28:55 How open are owners to the concept of DAOs?
39:12 Why would you use a blockchain?
42:37 Access, equity & governance - why is it so important?
44:34 Biggest challenges you've faced so far?
47:26 What makes Krause House different?
51:53 What sports and Web3 projects have you been inspired by?
53:52 What's the end goal for Krause House?
56:39 Do you think community lead businesses can work?
59:18 Building a brand & media company
62:12 Would you do anything differently starting from scratch?
69:00 What is exciting you most about the space right now?
74:43 Krause House roadmap from now on...
76:36 What's paramount for Krause House in the next 12 months?


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